It feels awfully strange to say this, but when it comes to being one of the best places to live in the United States of America--this survey says that Boise doesn't even make the Top 50. Um, I'm sorry...what? We're always in the top!

I was scrolling through my news feed and saw that Spokane was BRAGGING about making the list--I thought to myself, no way did Spokane beat Boise? I spent four years there and it's fine...but it isn't Boise. Just the other day someone downtown noticed my Gonzaga University shirt and asked if I was from Spokane. I said no to which he replied "lucky you".  In this survey, Spokane ranked 94th.

The summary on Boise notes how quickly it's growing, how great it is for young professionals, the tech field, and outdoor enthusiasts. They aren't wrong, there.

New York City ranked first.

Check out the results for yourself, HERE.

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