If you had to name a few things that Boise folks love, what would come to mind? If I were asked that question, I think that my top answers would be:

  • Craft Beer
  • Dogs
  • Bragging about Boise
  • The great outdoors

Do you agree?  That last one, according to a recent study, rings particularly true--nationwide.

How lucky are we here in Boise?  With a vibrant downtown, four distinct seasons, and overall very good safety--we live in a very special place. One of the greatest things about this city, however, is just how vibrant our "backyard" is--those things that are OUTSIDE of the city.

Take a drive 30 minutes west and you'll find yourself surrounded by agriculture--fields, wineries, and family farms.  Take a drive 30 minutes north and you'll find yourself surrounded by lakes, foothills, and serene outdoor peace. Go a little further and you'll find some of the best known resort towns in the world where even Hollywood's elite like to hide out. There are whitewater rapids that guides and tourists alike travel all over the world to partake in. It's easy to take all of these things for granted when they're just "within reach" like this. No wonder people are moving here from all over.

You probably already know where I'm going with this. Yes, we're making another "top" list here in Boise. The "secret" is only getting exclaimed more and more.

According to the "Wilderness Times", there are 25 cities in the entire nation that are IDEAL for those who love an "outdoorsy lifestyle"--yes, Boise is one of them.

Topped by the likes of Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles--respectively--Boise comes in ranked at #21.   

Now, if you ask me, Boise is far superior to LA when it comes to access to the outdoors--but according to THIS study, they're top 5.

Categories that were taken into consideration were:

  • Housing
  • Number of parks within 10-minute walking distance
  • Weather
  • Air Quality
  • Nearby trails
  • National and State Parks
  • Population Density

See the full study and results for yourself, HERE.

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