If you're in the market for a home in the Treasure Valley...good luck! Or, at least I thought.  With prices on homes skyrocketing, it's nuts watching just how expensive it is now to buy a home in my own hometown. Believe me, even though I am open and planning to move and experience a new place...SOMEDAY...I'd love to own a home here and STOP renting. With people paying more than asking price and homes flying off of the market in 24-hours and sometimes less, it's intimidating.

According to recent survey, when it comes to first-time home buyers like (potentially) myself, Boise ranks as the SECOND best place in the nation to do that.

The results released by WalletHub measured a ton of factors, such as affordability and quality of life. Turns out even with rising prices, Boise is still crazy affordable.

The top city was Henderson, Nevada.

See the results for yourself, HERE.


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