The rent is simply--too damn high.

None of us are surprised by this latest rental cost statistic whatsoever--but what is there to do about it, Boise? Those who are renting need a place to live and the competitive landscape isn't a cheap one.

A new study that has been released by Apartment List, a popular rental website, has shared that year-over-year the rental costs in Boise increased 33%.  Yes, even during a pandemic: 33%.

This same study showed that "median rents" in the City of Boise are at $1,101 for a one-bedroom apartment and for a two-bedroom apartment, $1,307.

We took it upon ourselves to look for a 1-bedroom apartment on a rental-finding website like Zillow for this price. At the time of the search, we found THREE units in the entire city that were in that price range. Next, we searched for a two-bedroom unit within that median price--there were all of about 15 listed units.

This isn't looking good for renters. Oh, and they're getting vocal..

While none of this comes as a surprise, people that can't afford to buy OR rent are in a very sticky situation--one which is pushing them out of town or frankly, into potential homelessness.

If you're interested in seeing the study for yourself, click HERE.

More importantly, if you or someone that you know is looking for rent assistance in Ada County, help IS available and you can find it, HERE.

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