Struggling with rent? Bills? Student loans? Keeping up with raising the kids? After a year-long pandemic that continues to change the way that we live, drastically, this information be what keeps you, your family, or someone you know a little more protected from homelessness or serious financial danger. Now more than ever, more people are seeking assistance and the good news is that here in the Treasure Valley, it's available.

The help is coming from the Boise City & Ada County Housing Authorities and it's pretty significant. Currently in the City of Boise, over 1,000 people are receiving a helping hand and there's actually MORE assistance available and even more ON THE WAY-- in other words, if you or someone you know is eligible this could be a financial game changer for you. You aren't "milking the system"---this is what these funds are here for.

In order to qualify for this financial help, your gross income cannot exceed 80% of the "Area Median Income".

Here is the MAX gross income for each household size:

  • 1 Person: $42,200
  • 2 People: $48,200
  • 3 People: $54,250
  • 4 people: $60,250
  • 5 People: $65,100
  • 6 People: $69,900
  • 7 People: $74,750
  • 8 People: $79,550

Along with meeting these income requirements, you will have to show your sources of income. Rent assistance can go on for up to an entire YEAR--12-months--of covered rent.  Even long is possible if funds remain available. All sorts of factors can count as indirect impact, too--such as the cost of food or medical costs.

For more information on the program and to get your application process started, just click HERE.

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