We all know that gas is ridiculously expensive and it seems that the cost of pretty much everything continues to rise -- including rent.

The argument could be made that it's cheaper to buy, but is it? The economy feels so out of whack that even $1,500/month in Boise pales in comparison to the rest of the country.

$1,500 Can Only Go So Far in Boise and Here's Proof...

Let's look at what $1,500 a month in rent will get you in Boise compared to other major cities.

So what's this "ultimate solution" that we're raving about?

That would be living in a cave and thanks to the legend of Dugout Dick, we know it's possible. Along Idaho's Salmon River, a then 32-year-old Richard Zimmerman decided to settle down... inside of a hill that he dug into with his bare hands according to AtlasObscura.com. Because of his incredible work, locals began calling him "Dugout Dick."

What's bizarre to me is how the man didn't use any heavy machinery and got the job done using an ax, shovel, and other "basic" tools that most of us have lying around the garage. Even more impressive? He essentially built an entire village with those tools that inspired other Idahoans to settle in the hills with Dugout Dick.

There is an excellent short film that "digs" into the legend of Dugout Dick complete with a tour of the caves.

And look, I know we're in the middle of summer so the idea of living in a cave without air conditioning doesn't seem all that appealing but we know one thing's for sure - it sure beats the hell out of paying an arm and a leg for rent in Boise. We also know that several people lived it and made it happen.

Today the "village" Dugout Dick built with his bare hands is a memorial and more of a roadside attraction than it is a thriving village... but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

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Dugout Dick was way ahead of his time! With how expensive everything has become, living in a cave is the way to go.

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