***UPDATE*** The owner of Rockies has just posted on Facebook that they have re-opened!

This Boise restaurant has been serving our community for over 30 years, but it's gone now after the owner failed to make several tax payments dating back to 2010.

Rockies Diner on Overland had a 50's feel complete with the quintessential waitresses on roller skates, but it's all gone now due to a seizure notice from the Ada County Sheriffs Office.

According to KTVB, documents from December 2017 show that a complaint was filed by the state claiming that the restaurant has failed to pay quarterly unemployment taxes between 2010 and 2017 and that they had not filed tax reports between 2009 and 2011. This added up to about $30,000 in missed payments and $30,000 in penalty fees and interest fees. Specifically, Rockies Diner owed the state more than $60,331.23 and in April of this year, a judge ordered the Diner to start paying back those costs in weekly payments of $750 for 65 weeks. Payments ended up being inconsistent and then stopped altogether in September of this past year.

As of January 18, 2019 Rockies Diner still owes $47,428.22 and the iconic diner will not re-open until that money is paid.

I can't even imagine how tough it must be for some small business owners to make it, but bottom line we all have to follow through with our responsibilities or there are consequences.

We'll let you know if we hear any word that Rockies Diner is going to re-open in the future.

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