Oh no, he wasn't drinking, he was just wearing too much cologne! That's the story that Adam Paulson is telling his probation officer as to why his alcohol-monitoring device went off. If that seems outrageous, you won't believe why he says it seemed to be tampered with!

You'll remember Adam Paulson well. He hit and killed 24-year-old mother of two Madeline Duskey in November of 2017 while he was twice the legal limit. His punishment, 15 years probation, he can't drink alcohol, and he has to pay child support to Madeline's two young children until they become adults. It was a punishment that had many in our community outraged, and now this.

Last week we learned the 44-year-old had violated his probation by drinking and tampering with his alcohol-monitoring device, but the excuses he is using are pretty tough to believe. In addition to blaming cologne on his ankles for his "alcohol consumption," Paulson says weight loss and his dress socks may have made it look like he was tampering with his ankle bracelet. According to the Idaho Statesman, on February 13th, it appeared that his ankle bracelet was potentially tampered with 19 times. He is currently back behind bars without bail awaiting a felony probation violation hearing on April 8th.

Paulson's attorney is defending him saying that he has a job that he needs to be able to do to pay child support to his own children and Duskey's. He also claims that the alcohol-monitoring device did not have three readings in a row of .02 or higher which is required as a positive test for alcohol.

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