If you drive up State Street on a regular basis or maybe you just have lately, you know that it has been under construction for some time. I've never gone up State in traffic, so I can't speak for congestion, but I can't imagine the narrowed down, one-way stretch is a fun drive in high traffic time.

Well, all of this construction has been leading up to a road improvement that Ada County Highway District officials say will help with traffic flow. The solution? Something we haven't seen in Boise before.

It's called a "thrU-Turn". Essentially, this is a U-turn in order to...make an intersection turn. In order to flip around, though, you will need to go through a cut out in the roads shoulder. Does that sound confusing? Yeah, it doesn't look any less confusing to me, either.

ACHD wants residents to know about the road change in advance, so they've posted an instructional video on what to look for. See for yourself, HERE.

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