Alright, so nobody is HIRING and no, you aren't getting paid for being on Pothole Patrol, but the Ada County Highway District certainly wants your help. It's no secret these things are the worst to run over.  In fact, one night driving home I actually got pulled over because Broadway Avenue near Boise Avenue just has SO many, I was swerving to avoid them.  Sorry, Officer...not drunk, just sick of slamming into potholes on my way home!

Here's the scoop: we're in the final day of "Pot Hole Days" so if there's one that has been DRIVING YOU CRAZY on that drive to work or on your way home-- it's time to flag it for the Ada County Highway District.

Reporting these annoying things is really simple to do. First, just take a picture of the pothole or issue with the road. Then jump onto the Ada County Highway District website and submit a photo with details for their crews to file away and prepare to look for. You can find their website, HERE.

While today is the last for Pot Hole Days, you can submit these year-round at the same link. Just know crews are really focusing on this right now as the weather gets better and roads are more easily fixed!


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