Looking to increase your collection of Bronco bobbleheads? It's going to be much more difficult moving forward.

BSU bobbleheads have been produced for the past decade by a company right here in Idaho, but that's changing this year. After releasing 40 Boise State bobbleheads from '06-'16, Jackson Food Stores will no longer be making the collectable items. Why? Katrina Lemmon, promotions and advertising director for Jacksons, explains:

We feel like bobbleheads, as a whole, has become less of a desirable item.

In the past, some bobbleheads sold less than others (for $8-$12), while collectables like Kellen Moore and coach Lyle Smith flew off the shelves.

Jacksons says there are no plans in the foreseeable future to release more BSU bobbleheads, but they haven't ruled it out completely.

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