It has been a strange season for Boise State football and with plenty of games to go, yet a very short fuse on the regular season, everyone is wondering: what's next?

Boise State came into the season with high expectations, but that is nothing new for this program. The uncertainty was embedded in one major position: quarterback. Boise State marched into a true road game against Florida State and not only came back to win, but proved that Hank Bachmeier behind center was the right choice. Now, out with a presumed hip injury, Bachmeier's return to the field and the fate of Boise State's season remains up in the air.

Here's what we know. After a loss at BYU, Boise State is no longer the stand out "non power five team". Boise is not ranked the highest out of these programs, either. We know Boise State needs to keep winning but we also know that Southern Methodist University and Appalachian State University need to lose, too, to make for some ranking jumps. It all boils down to needing to be the top ranked of these "smaller" schools. A TOUGH South Carolina team could knock off Appalachian in a few weeks. Memphis, ranked #24, could SMU down the road as well. Boise State needs to keep on winning.

Week 10 rankings were released this afternoon and despite not playing, Boise State moved up one spot to #21 in the AP Poll.

This coming week, Boise State returns to the road to take on San Jose State University.

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