Boise State has named true Freshman Hank Bachmeier as the starting Quarterback after months of evaluation. This is the second time under Head Coach Bryan Harsin that Boise State has had a true Freshman lead the offense.

We have been waiting months to know who was going to be behind center and leading the offense for Boise State football this fall and now we know. As exciting as this is, talk about some BIG shoes to fill. Then again, when any football program gets used to having strong leaders in that position, it's always a little nerve-racking watching "the new guy" step up. It's always equally as easy to be over-critical of the new guy. With a season opener as huge as Boise State faces this year--on the road against the Florida State Seminoles, knowing that Head Coach Bryan Harsin has his guy is a huge sigh of relief.

The depth for Boise State isn't bad, either. Despite freshman Kaiden Bennett annoucing a transfer from Boise State just this week-- the Broncos still have sophomore Chase Cord and junior Jaylen Handerson.

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