A new mobile app has hit the app stores for both IOS and Android and students right here in Boise are helping it along at the campus of Boise State University.

The app, JoyRun, was developed with YOU in mind and serves as a way to have food, from ANYWHERE, delivered right to you. Think a ride-share meets food delivery.

It's been cold, the roads have been slick, and weather reports are calling for even MORE snow on the ground across the Treasure Valley.  Have a craving but dreading the drive? One of the interns here in Boise, Marcus Anthony, describes JoyRun as the "simple, feasible option."

Lets say you're wanting a cup of coffee from Black Rock Coffee Bar. Simply request what you'd like and wait for a "Runner" to pick up your request. Once it's picked up, you're able to communicate with them in a manner similar to a text message within the app and let them know what exactly your order is.

On the flip, if you want to be a runner, you can check in as a runner and set up all of your own settings--where to meet up for delivery, set a delivery window, and set your own delivery fee ($5 or less).

The concept behind this app is awesome and with it still in its infancy, when we tried it out, it did take a while for a runner to pick up the request, however this could be a great way for you to make some extra cash as a runner AND come in clutch for your friends. That wait time will decrease as more runners use the app.

For more info and a link to download the app, click HERE.

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