It's a story line you would only see in a feel-good football movie--yet for Boise State fans, it has become a reality.

Chris Petersen, one of the most loved and pivotal leaders in the history of the Boise State Football Program broke THOUSANDS of hearts when he announced his original departure from Boise State University to leave to the University of Washington. Fans, students, and players alike knew there was something special about this guy and I've never met anyone who hasn't missed him. In fact, even as he moved on to the University of Washington, I have found myself over the years following the Huskies and rooting for his success up in Seattle. Just last week, Petersen announced he would be stepping away from his Head Coach role after whichever bowl game the Huskies would be in, to "recharge" and even here in Boise, fans of Coach Pete were sad to see him leaving the sidelines.

Well, here's where it gets interesting. After a big win on the Blue just last night, Boise State, now 12-1 on the season, has been anxious to find out what bowl game they'll be going to. Plot twist: it has been announced they'll be playing in Las Vegas against Coach Pete, one last time.

While the mutual love between Boise State and Coach Pete is ever-present, that isn't going to get in the way of these two teams trying their best to bring back a trophy.

The Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl will take place on December 21st.

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