Any fan of Boise State athletics is feeling the pain of this loss over the weekend. The Boise State women's basketball team took a tough loss on the road that many believe they should have won.

I wrote just a few weeks ago that the women over at Boise State were doing what everyone wished the men were: winning. Yet despite their record and stats, still weren't getting enough publicity and love from many fans and news outlets! I would even argue that Boise State, coming into the tournament as a 13-seed was far too low for what they had to show for themselves on their resumes.

Because of the low seeding, the women had to play a TRUE road game: Oregon State on their home court. Oregon State also has on their roster a local star, Destiny Slocum.

Up four points with seventeen seconds left to play, Boise State fans thought the game was in the bag--but a series of crazy plays from Oregon State and even some questionable officiating led to overtime and an eventual loss.  At one point, officials didn't even give Boise State the timeout they wanted because...nobody was watching. It was a real frustrating game that would have been a huge win for the program, advancing them to play Gonzaga University later in the weekend.

Check out the post game press conference above, or read a full recap, HERE.

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