Maybe I'm being a little insensitive, but the Boise State Men's basketball team has some serious work to do after this season. What seemed like a glimpse of hope after an awful start when Boise State nearly (and honestly, should have) downed top ten team, Nevada, turned into more losses. Loss after loss--many of them close enough to go either way, this team couldn't get it done. While the men and their coach (who I really love and respect) Leon Rice go back to the drawing board, the Boise State women are dancing!

It's the most anticipated and unique sporting event of the year, I would argue: March Madness. Sixty-four teams, both for men and women, have a shot to win it all and it just doesn't matter where they're from or how big their school is. Boise State's women are in that mix after an amazing season and an even stronger showing in the Mountain West Conference Tournament.

Boise State earned a pretty tough spot, with a 13-seed and will be playing close to home in three days, on March 23rd against Oregon State IN Corvallis: a true road game.  With a win, they'll likely be taking on my alma mater, Gonzaga University.

There's plenty of time for you to fill out a bracket still! To see one for yourself, click HERE.

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