There was nothing QUIET about the game on the Sunday afternoon at Extra Mile Arena as undefeated and fourth-ranked San Diego State University came to town to take on a quickly-improving Boise State men's basketball team. Unfortunately, no matter how much this Bronco team has improved in the last few weeks it wasn't enough to overcome a fast start and extremely dominating San Diego State Aztec squad.

The crowd was TECHNICALLY a sellout and many fans were hoping to break an attendance record as thousands came out to see some college basketball. Despite all of the tickets being claimed, I noticed that a lot of seats were still open. Apparently a lot of season ticket holder seats were left open and the tickets went unused, making the attendance count in Extra Mile Arena lower than expected. Regardless of missing out on a record-breaking body count inside of the arena, it was still great to see and hear a crowd like the one present yesterday for the game. The energy was huge and leading up to the game, head coach Leon Rice even ate a pack of matches:

Boise State never stood a chance against the Aztecs as they got off onto a strong and fast start.  Several times within the game Boise State made some valiant attempts at a comeback but it seemed San Diego State couldn't go without answering, letting Boise State only get within nine points at their peak.

Boise State, in order to make March Madness, will need to win out in the Mountain West Conference tournament later this month.

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