It seems no matter who you support, voted for, or in what you believe, the eleciton in 2016 really left people feeling fried. Politics, I feel, have taken center stage more than I have ever seen and unfortunately at times, that means some real division among us. One thing to keep in mind is that for the MOST PART...we're all keeping the "good" in mind--but can often see the means to get there very differently.

While the national debates continue and folks talk about the Presidential race daily, it's important to remember that there are elections held locally that impact us here in the Treasure Valley, in some ways, more than anything that could happen in the White House. There's an election for Mayor here in Boise in just a couple of months-- who are you voting for?

That question is obviously rhetorical but I do hope you're beginning to think about who your candidate could be and that you get out and vote!

Incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter has been in the seat since 2004. Other candidates have never held public office. All of them are vying for the same job from different angles.  We're at such an interesting crossroad in Boise right now-- we're facing growth that is unparalleled anywhere in the country. Is that good? Bad? What do we do about it? These are the issues that all five candidates need to have answers to. One in particular believes we need to let the city go, so that people don't want to move here. Do we all want to NOT improve roads and schools simply to keep "Californians" out?

Idaho's News Channel 7 did an awesome job of asking all candidates the same handful of questions to offer a balanced comparison for you as you prepare to vote. I would highly recommend you check it out. You can see these, HERE.


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