If you're a real one, you will remember the OLD Nampa Library. Kids that grew up in Nampa like myself knew it as the place to get books, movies, and stickers for that really cool Pizza Hut reading program that used to exist. If you remember all of that, you will also remember the SMELL of the place.

As a kid, going to the Nampa library was a Saturday tradition. Every Saturday morning, my mom and I would roll out to what is now the old location and spend an hour or two finding books, magazines and as I got older-- CD's to burn into my iTunes at home! The only down side of this was: the Nampa Library used to SMELL. It was a musty, stinky old building. Again, if you're a real one, you will remember that.

While I don't frequent libraries like that much at all anymore, these free little "neighborhood" libraries have popped up over the years and I have always thought that they were the coolest concepts. Anyone is welcome to come by, open up the box and take or leave a book to share with the community. It's one of these concepts that I chalk up to being just "SO Boise".  Little did I know that Boise was home to the coolest free little library, ANYWHERE.

"Free Brain Candy", the oversized Tootsie Roll reads.

According to the plaque on the back, it was installed near Roosevelt Elementary School in 2015, just adjacent to downtown Boise and when I opened it up this afternoon, there were a TON of free, new-condition books in there for anyone to snag and enjoy on a three-shelved 'Lazy-Susan'.

If you want to check out the coolest library EVER, just find it in front of the Roosevelt Market and across from the playground at Roosevelt Elementary.

Do you have one of these in your neighborhood?

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