Another week has come and gone and perhaps you're finding yourself single...STILL. Yes, summer as a single person is far more fun, in my humble opinion, but we're quickly approaching the Fall. The FALL...yeah, that's right, Cuffing Season. It's that time of the year when EVERYONE starts jumping into relationship mode-- pumpkin patches and sweater weather... YIKES.

Just in time for the start of Cuffing Season, I dug through the internet and found another weeks BEST Missed Connections. Are any of these about you or a friend!?

Okay so a friend suggested this and I feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable but here goes...
I was sitting with my son at eagle river coffee yesterday and well, you know who you are if you happen to see this.

I totally chickened in saying hi...or anything and am really wishing I can still have the opportunity to do so :)

Your not from there and I don't live there anymore but I visit sometimes ...if a good band is in town :) I'm a firecracker with a saucy sense of humor and had red hair at the time. I came in for glasses afew months ago and can't get you off my mind. I know this is weird and your far too classy for a site like this Haha but I ran outta ideas. So if by chance you see this and don't think this is too crazy haha... tell me my name and what store you work at.


You’re older and was driving a yellow dodge, you were washing your windows and almost splashed me with the window cleaner, you said something along the lines of how you almost got me wet and I so badly wanted to say it’d be okay if I could make you wet later... but I didn’t because of our obvious age difference... if you see this send me an email describing me or what I was driving


We're talking for a little bit today. You where saying how its was your last day and I was congratulating you on your next move. I know you said you had a husband but if you or you guys would ever like to go out for a drink I would like to make the offer. You always come across extremely nice and I think you're really attractive.

If for some reason you see this and write back, I'm more than happy to describe what I look like... And what I bought!

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