Downtown was absolutely CRAZY this weekend. After a major Boise State win, Hyde Park Street Fair, and more--it seems Boise had PLENTY to get out and do as summer winds down and comes to a close. From what I heard, everywhere around town was busy this week and as goes life-- when this many people are out and about, single folks are sure to notice each other. Let's not forget, cuffing season is just around the corner, too...that always seems to add a little urgency to meeting someone. As we do each week, I've sifted through the best of Boise's missed connections and came across some that might just be looking for you, or a friend!

Just invite me to the wedding if I end up bringing y'all together.

You were in Chevron and I let you go ahead of me in line. You looked at me a couple times as I looked at you. You were short and really gorgeous. As I went to pump gas you drove by and smiled and waved. I wish I would have stopped you. You were in a red tank top and cute sweats. If this is you and you see this what were you driving and what colored shirt was I wearing.

God damn you were fine. Bushy eye brows, sunglasses holding up your hair. You had a cat Buddha on your dash and some stickers on the back of your window. 1A plates. Please hit me up I want to lick yumm sauce off your toes

*** wtf is yumm sauce.... ****

Nampa Winco Blonde Female...You were wearing black leggings & you leaned in front of me & got Greek Yogurt!! I'm a complete moron for not saying ANYTHING...

Tuesday 2pm, we exchanged eye contact. You were walking by/me toward the pumpkin display. Beautiful dress!

I talked with the crew out front; as you drove by we waved and smiled at each other.
Let me know the car you were driving.
Intrigued and interested.

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