I talk about cuffing season often and really that's because it's such a real and fascinating concept. As temperatures drop, the amount of relationship announcements you see on social media go UP. This is because with cold temperatures come a whole lot of relationship-heavy holidays, activities, and sentiments? Is it cold outside? Better grab your boyfriends hoodie. Is it Thanksgiving? Better have a date or grandma is going to ask you why you're still single about 700 times. Oh, it Halloween? Better have someone to take a photo with at the pumpkin patch. Are you catching my vibe?

While we won't be in these cold temperatures for TOO much longer, you may still be finding yourself in the mood for a relationship and if that's the case you may not know where to start. The good news is this: you MAY not need to start anywhere because your other half, your soul mate, THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE might just already have their sights set on you. That's where I come in-- with the weekly BEST of Boise's Missed Connections.

Are any of these about you? Check them out below:

I keep seeing you and have such a strong attraction to you I think your beautiful and want to talk to you. You work there always at window 3 if you somehow see this contact me

I see you almost everyday, you are an absolutely stunning man and my heart stops when I walk in and see you. Come and touch me... I flirt but my intentions are anything but innocent. The gym is big and has a lot of rooms... I just want to look up into those big brown eyes of yours....

I walked in to the lobby. You were standing there. We made eye contact and our eyes met. We both smiled and my heart skipped a beat. I wish I would have had the courage to come over and say hello but I just didn't know where to begin. I will be watching for you at Crunch in the says to come. I was tall with shaved head. I would love to exchange smiles again.

Hello! We exchanged a few smiles today on the freeway. Hopefully we are both thinking the same thing ;) Email what color my car was if you see this!


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