Another week within the Season of Cuffing has come and gone. How are you doing? Have you survived thus far or have you found yourself getting into a relationship that is sure to end once the sun comes out and "staying in" isn't so romantic anymore? Call me harsh, but relationships that start at this time of the year just deserve a little realism, in my humble opinion.

Maybe you're looking for love or...maybe love is looking for you? Check out this weeks BEST of Boise's Missed Connections, below! Click the titles to respond to them, but as always: please be careful meeting a stranger.

I wouldn't mind being the stepfather to your grown ass son. You are gorgeous.

To the Dark haired girl working at fanci freeze in meridian. I was picking up an Uber delivery and you were washing the floor before closing and you looked up at me and smiled. I think you are soooo beautiful. I want to talk to you so bad but it's hard to form any words into sentences when I get near you. Seeing you smile really brightens my days.

This is not exactly a missed connection.

Today around 3pm, thank you to the young guy that offered to put my shopping cart away (within the rails), while I was heading that way.

I said to him, "Sure, & thank you!"

It is so awesome to know that people still care, and he was so kind!

Thank you again sir!

Be kind to one another.

You were at the check out with large box.
Blond hair, gray sweats
We caught each others eyes few times..
WOW You a stunner! felt something clench in my gut

Came across each other again this morning lifting. You had on a white shirt, skinny, shaggy hair and baggy gym shorts. Would be awesome to snag a snack or coffee after working out. Hit me back with where we were lifting. Have a great day.

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