Well if you're reading this, congratulations-- you successfully survived Valentine's Day. If you're in a relationship, I hope it was great. If you're single-- I hope that you drank all of the wine and had a great time NOT buying into the overly-commercialized holiday.

Everyone wants to be loved, right? Well someone might be looking for you and this happens all of the time. We call them missed connections, those moments we've all experienced where someone totally grabs your attention and you regret not approaching them or asking for their number after the fact. That's what these are for...the final Hail Mary to talk to that person you wish you would have said more to.

If any of these are about you, obviously be really careful because you never know who is behind the posts. Disclaimer aside, check out this weeks best missed connections, below:

I was going to give you my number, but I think you left before I did.

We talked while my nephew did the zipline, and joked about how I hurt my back last weekend. You had to leave to play with your kids and said "wish me luck". You were super cute, and I hope to get to know you!

Contact me and let's go on a date. (:

Woman walking bye student unoin building i saw you walking bye outside on bsu complex on at 12:59 pm on monday feb 17 2020 you are about 5'9 and brunette and possibly a student i saw you again today in the student Union building you walked right bye me i was in a booth watching a class lecture! It was just after 3pm today is tuesday the 18th you looked right at me!

Saw you at Ford v Ferrari 4 pm showing. You , curvy woman, 40 ish ?
Sat in right section by yourself, left quickly before I could speak to you. I was behind you in center section, aisle seat. I saw no ring on left hand, so if you are interested & available, how about a movie next week ? What do you have to lose ?


Blonde beauty at McD's Saturday morning. The most beautiful eyes & smile I've seen in years. You were doing some sort of paperwork. I am the older (than you) man who sat there enjoying the view. Would love to get acquainted over dinner and/or drinks.

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