With temperatures rising, Cuffing Season is quickly coming to an end. If you're unfamiliar with Cuffing Season, it's that season from about October through March where the weather and the holidays just make relationships more common. Usually, by this time of year, those relationships start to crumble. Even though we're at the end of that season for most--some are still looking for love! Check out the list of this weeks best missed connections, below:

I was in Rite Aid last night, and you were working at the counter. You checked me out. We spoke a little, talking about our ages and how old you were. You look fantastic for your age!! You are not old at all!! I wanted to ask you out, however your fellow co-worker was standing right next to you. I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to ask you out with him there. If you see this post.... which i don't think you will.. email me. I would love to ask you out. When emailing me, write back letting me know what i bought or why i was going to school for.

We were sitting across the bar from each other. We made eye contact several time. Kicking mused for not going to talk to you, so I’m hoping you see this! :)

Last Wednesday I saw you checking out at the Fred Myers on Orchard. Little did you know, I was checking you out too. I was too shy to say anything but I would love to get coffee sometime or whatever you wanna do :) I don't know if you saw me there that day but I was the short 5"4 curvy redhead with pale skin and an hourglass 36D-28-35 figure. You looked distracted so I'm sure you didn't even notice me but hopefully you see this and hit me up? I can't wait to find you I think we could have a lot of fun together ;

You were chrcking in people and came and talk to me when it was closing. You have beautiful blue eye. I gave you somthing as we were leaving. After droping stuff off I came back inside and could not find you. I would love to talk some more some time.

We chatted about your car as they were drying it....i didnt have the balls to ask for your number but I thought you were extremely beautiful and super sweet. I hope you read this. If you do tell me what kind of car and what I was wearing.


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