Back by popular demand: it's another week of Boise's Best Missed Connections. Now more than ever, people are hoping to find love via a missed connection because there simply isn't anything going on. See that cute girl at a bar or restaurant? It's COVID season, man--you're probably never going to see her again! That's why I'm finding the very best of Boise's Missed Connections to share with you!

Check them out below and as always, if one really is about you and you so choose to safe out there.

We met today with our dogs in the park. Had a great conversation and went our separate ways. I felt we had a genuine connection and wanted to try to find you. You were wearing a brown shirt and had a grizzly beard!

If by some odd chance you see this, hit me up! Let me know one of the subjects we talked about or something about me you I know it’s you.

Really hope to figure out if you felt it too!

You have faded purple hair. I wanted to give you my number but I hesitated 😅

You honestly don't seem like the type of girl that checks these things but maybe the universe is going to help me out here. It looked like you were moving everything into storage. I helped you figure out the combo for the gate and would have loved to talk more but your dad or someone like that was with you. If you see this tell me what band was on your shirt?


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