With bars back open and more people slowly getting out into the town, it's more likely that we aren't going to be such hermits anymore. With this, comes the return of "dates". Remember those, before the world spun into a global pandemic?  Maybe you're a total introvert like me and enjoyed the lack of social interaction. Now, it's back--slowly but surely.

Each week, I find the best of Boise's Missed Connections and there are a LOT to choose from this week. Maybe one is about you or someone you know? I'm not sure if it's weird or exciting, but regardless, here they are. With cuffing season upon us, maybe it's time to entertain some love!

As always-- if you ACTUALLY respond to one of these: PLEASE be safe.

hot blonde working Moxie. You are absolutely beautiful and your smile and attitude are so attractive.
I was shopping with my kids & you were shopping with yours. We spoke briefly. I left wishing I would've said more. I know this is a long shot, but decided it was worth a shot. 
Saw you yesterday (Monday 9/14) at the stoplight on Deerflat turning onto Linder by extra mile. It was around 2:15 PM. You had a beard and sunglasses and drove a Gold Ford. You were so cute! I was hoping I caught your eye too? :) I know it’s a long shot, but if you see this, what color shirt were you wearing? :)  
you helped me at your business and gave me a small tour of your new equipment. I am impressed. Then you gave me a discount coupon. You have gorgeous red hair and a beautiful smile. I'd like to get to know ya. Tell me what kind of business if you wanna talk.
You let me cut in front of you at checkout to pay. You had on Purple yoga pants with a white t-shirt. We locked eyes in deli area. I did not see a ring, if you are open please hit me up. I was in black 8080 t-shirt. You looked amazing!!

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