Cuffing season is HERE and I'm just trying to help you speed up the process!  Each week, I find the very best of Boise's Missed Connections to share with you. Even during a pandemic, people are looking for love!

As always--if one of these is really about you or if you decide to reply to someone...PLEASE be safe. You never know who is on the other side of the screen.

I was filling up my truck as you was getting in the passenger side of your truck. You was in a red shirt and we stared at each other until you got out of the parking lot. If you would like to get to know each other hopefully you will see this and respond. Btw what kind of vehicle was you in and what direction did you turn so I know it is you.
you were working yesterday at the mall. The Kiosk close to H &M. You were wearing a short dress. You have the nicest figure ever. Beautiful legs. Tell me what color of dress. I can't wait to come to the mall again .
This is a total shot in the dark if your going to see this or not but we were both at noodles picking up orders for our deliveries around 6pm yesterday. you wearing a black mask (with some icon on the side) dirty blond hair maybe 5' 2. I would love to get to know you if you see this
I was standing by the drink fountain in a black shirt just for confirmation



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