Yes, we're back at another work week, it's a HUMP day, and it's time to get in a laugh. I don't know about you, but I need one.'re not laughing? Me either.

Boise's Best Missed Connections are back for another round and as always--I've dug up the very best of them. Could one be about you, a friend, or someone you know? Check them out below


The Sonic on Garrity Boulevard

You had long blonde hair then shaved it. You are still beautiful.
Laundromat on Chinden & Glenwood 

Sunday AM You: tall, dark (hair) & handsome in a black shirt, with something about a garage on the back. Me: curvy girl in a ratty blue & grey tshirt.We talked about counting socks, how many kids lose, etc.Saw you pause before getting into your vehicle, thought you might come back in and give me your number; wish I’d have made a move.

Respond with a picture of yourself and/or the model & color of your vehicle. Would love to chat more!!

The Two Guys at the Meridian Gym
To the two guys at the gym I’m sorry I have a chronic staring problem
New Jersey License Plate in Boise
We exchanged a smile and a wave in a parking lot. You are gorgeous. If you are visiting and need advice on the area, I hope you see this and get back to me. You had small dogs, tell me what kind of car you have, or what you look like, if you respond