It's true-- all across the Treasure Valley, EVERY single week, there are hundreds of missed connections just floating out there, hoping to find the person they were intended for. Yes, even during a pandemic and maybe even MORE SO during a pandemic, folks right here in the Treasure Valley are looking for love and finding themselves frustrated that they didn't approach that someone when they should have. That's what missed connections are all about.

As always, we can't stress this enough: if you actually decide to reply to one of these posts, please be cautious. You never know who is on the other side of the screen.


On Halloween night I came in with my buddy and you were wearing the sexiest video game costume I couldn't stop checking you out me and you finally got to talk but you were very busy and I didn't get to ask your number lol and my buddy made me feel awkward because I was going to walk back and ask but he said I was trying to hard lol so hopefully you see this because under the mask you look like the most beautiful Cinderella girl ever maybe tell me what's on my face?


I see you running almost every morning. Tall tan and handsome.

Thanks for the smile almost every morning.


I was telling a friend about you this morning and what a missed opportunity it was not getting your name or number.. he told me about posting here. Probably a long shot...

You were with your friends drinking Mimosa's on Sunday morning at the Riverside Hotel in Boise. I was across the table sitting with some other people I was working with that weekend and we kept looking at each other and even smiled a few times. I remember what color your sweater was and I thought you were very attractive.

I didn't get the courage to say anything and again.. probably a longshot.


You work there and I am a regular. I find you so attractive and beautiful. We always make small talk when I come in and I have complimented you in the past. I am older than you, but I figured why not send this. If you see this and you think you know who it is, message me. I hope you do.


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