We've made out way into a new year and with that comes new goals, new outlooks, new energy. How about a new boo? Yes, if you made it through the grips of "Cuffing Season", it's all good--just don't think that you're off of the hook that easily. You may not be looking for anyone but someone MIGHT be looking for you.

Even through it's a new year, I'm back at it with the very best of Boise's Missed Connections. Now, before you go replying to any of these posts that could potentially be about you...I'm going to remind you: you never know who is posting these, so please be safe.

Nampa Fred Meyer at Self Checkout

You said you liked my mask and we had some small talk. What I didn’t say was what I liked about you. I’d like the chance to do that

Cherry Lane Great Clips in Meridian

You cut my hair today. At checkout I asked what you did to your hand. I am a bit older than you I think but you have the most beautiful eyes and I have not been able to get you off my mind this evening. If you are interested in talking, tell me what you did to your hand and if you remember me.

Black Yoga Pants at Fred Meyer on 5 Mile

Saw you shopping yesterday, thought I recognized you from somewhere, didn’t say hi though, we looked at each other couple times though, you were in tall white shoes and black yoga pants, and sitting against a post for a bit when I saw u.

The Stolen Spot at DMV

I stole your spot as DMV, or maybe you gave mine back. Either way, you left early in a red 4Runner. I'd love to show my gratitude for returning your spot back to to me over coffee sometime. Or stand in line again and complete our tasks at the dmv.

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