It doesn't take much time in Boise for a single person to realize just how small this town is. It seems that everyone here is only a couple of degrees separated and being a local myself, it's tough to go anywhere and not see someone that knows someone else. It isn't a BAD thing to have by any means. It is just very...BOISE.

A few months ago, results from a national survey showed that Boise was actually one of the best cities for single people. According to their methodology, singles in Boise are thriving and have plenty of opportunity to date. Once we took that to the airwaves, we quickly learned that not many locals agree with that.

So how does one in Boise go about meeting that special someone? Throw in a pandemic and it becomes even tougher. Your routines are different, you probably aren't going out the way that you used to--and if you are, not everyone else is.

This is where Boise's Best Missed Connections kick in. As often as I can, I put together a list of the very best love-searching posts in the Treasure Valley. Below, you'll find my top five. Perhaps one is about you or a friend. As always, should you choose to reply to any of these, please be safe.

Walmart on Overland & Meridian 

We made eye contact when I first walked into the store and by the aisle you were in around 10-10:30 we were both at the self checkout the same time and left the store at the same time. We had a small conversation outside the store. You look very familiar. Tell me what kind of car you have and what our convo was about.

Nampa Dog Park on Feb 24th 

You: Very handsome tall dark hair and beard wearing shorts (burr cold) black jacket and had beautiful red ??Vizsla not sure that's correct.
Me: Dark mid length hair, sunglasses, grey fleece jacket black pants with white stripes on leg. Dog short stocky brindle mix barks alot. Lol.
You had to go for a bag and I offered mine. I wish I wasn't so shy and could have sparked up a conversation with you. I would love to have a coffee and get to know you if your single.. You drove a big maroon 4 door truck.
Message me if interested.

Fred Meyer on Chinden

I must say you looked amazing this morning! I couldn't do any of my shopping while you were using the self check-out station. Are you single?

Gas Station on Emerald & Five Mile

Long Shot!!! Gas station on Emerald/Executive & Five Mile. Wednesday morning/early afternoon.
You- Male
Me- Female
I am not looking for a Date! Just want to say thank you! That’s all! Act of kindness.
I was parked off to the side. Sitting in my rig, on my phone. You pulled up got out of your ** & asked if I was all right.
I was so shocked, I was acting like an Idiot. I was just so startled.
I was cleaning the inside of my car.
Not very people now days would do what you did and I appreciated it so much. Just wanted to say thank you so much for being so kind.
I would like to send you a thank you and maybe flowers or coffee

What was the reason you came over to me rig?
What was I driving?

Dollar Tree on State

you were wearing a rockin hoodie outside and I told you I liked your hoodie. And I kept walking away. I guess I was to shy to ask for your number. By the slim chance you read this feel free to hit me up.



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