I thought that featuring some missed connections one time, a while ago, would be funny. Well it was (or at least I thought it was) and now it's quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the week!  All across the Treasure Valley, sometimes multiple times a day, people are looking for that special someone that they saw out in public and should have approached. I'm just over here doing my due diligence to make sure y'all meet each other!

Here are some of the best from this week...enjoy!

Black Mazda 3 Blonde

Hey pretty lady. We were checking each other out. You even gave me a nice smile. You seemed to be having some complication while gassing up your car? Anyway, you are downright sexy. Have been thinking about you since then.

This blonde is giving out nice smiles like they're candy! Hopefully she was able to work through those gas pumping complications. Does this sound like you (or maybe even someone that you know)?  Click HERE to respond!

Hair Stylist at Madril

I was your UBER driver Friday morning and took you to your work at Madril. I think it was you that left me a comment that included "I hope I get him again". If you see this send me a note and I'll send you my number to text. Perhaps do a barter thing for a haircut?

If this is you, kind hair stylist from Madril...well, you may have a barter deal on your hands! It doesn't seem like he's looking for love, but I'm sure love has been found in crazier places. Click HERE for the post.

Beautiful Mom at Wal-Mart 

I was just at Walmart with my son picking up a few things for dinner, and I first saw you near the hamburger/steak section. I then saw you again as my son and I were making our way through the store. I'm sure you'll probably never see this...but you are very pretty and it would be nice to talk with you...

Sound like you, beautiful mom!? If you're single...maybe you can meet up for hamburgers and steaks? Click HERE.

Carls Jr. Drive-Thru

I was in a silver car and ordered a burrito in the drive thru about 1040 am. I felt like we shared an attracted look...i hope you see this, you are gorgeous. Id love to hang out sometime

Being a lover of burritos myself, how could you ask for a better way to fall for someone than by passing off a beautiful burrito!? Someone in a silver car is looking for you, gorgeous worker! Click HERE to respond.

Girl in Black Shirt at Eclipse 

You were wearing a black shirt and black stocking cap. We looked at each other as I was leaving. I thought you were very pretty under that stocking cap. If you want to hang out sometime, email me. Reply with your pic so I know it's you.

"Reply with your pic", eh...this guy seems high maintenance. Feel like replying? Find the post HERE.

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