I needed a title for myself so I know what to go by after I massively fail. 

I haven't practiced.

I don't know my whole routine.

I have less than a week.

It's for charity.

None of these points are merging together to create a positive situation.

I have been to one practice and my choreographer, Misha, is so super-talented and has a lot to teach me. I thought I could dip back into the dance skills I had at one time. Turns out, if you don't do something all the time, it doesn't come naturally anymore. Go figure. Have you heard of this?

No matter what, I've got to figure something out because this is for the American Cancer Society. We all have a story and are all affected by cancer (maybe even with ourselves). That said, the show must go on.

There will be great dancers on stage but the spectacle of all that is Tawsha Box will happen just one night only. Monday. 6:30 p.m. at the Egyptian.

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