Imagine being a big enough deal to have your name on something important--like a monument, a school, or a brick in The Grove Plaza in downtown Boise. In order to make the cut for any of these major life milestones, you'd probably need to make a significant impact on the community.

Just weeks ago, the newest park in the City of Boise was named after former Idaho senator Cherie Buckner-Webb, known for inspiring and empowering--the first Black woman elected to the Idaho legislature.

A recent discovery online has me wondering who a popular name in Boise's Grove Plaza is and the story behind their brick!

Credit: @BNick via Twitter
Credit: @BNick via Twitter


While scrolling through Twitter last night, I came across the personalized brick, pictured above.  I didn't know that this was actually IN Boise until I investigated further. I also learned that there's a full blown map of these bricks so that you can find them.

Many are assuming that this is a play on the popular internet video below:

But obviously, it can't be because it's spelled totally different, right!?

I also learned there's another popular brick on the ground of the Grove Plaza in downtown Boise. This one, a tribute to the popular television game show Jeopardy!

 Little did we know that there was so much humor to be had in our beloved plaza downtown. 

Do you know of any other fun bricks or monuments in the Treasure Valley?

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