Earlier this week, the Nampa School District voted to have nearly two dozen books removed from their library shelves.

A list of the books can be found here, but this includes an informative health book and well-known classics, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Kite Runner and The Bluest Eye.




Book banning is an issue that has been around for over a century, but it has really gained momentum in recent years as more and more states are fervently pushing to remove book titles from schools and libraries.

Even in Idaho, a bill was recently making its way through the legislature that would have criminalized and/or fined librarians, educators and teachers for lending out “harmful” materials to students.

However, that bill was not passed, but some schools are taking matters into their own hands. Such as Nampa School District, in a 3-2 vote on Monday.


How are Idahoans reacting?

In response to this, a locally owned independent bookstore, with locations in Boise and Caldwell, is pushing back against this form of censorship.


On their Twitter, they also stated that: 


Books are tools for understanding complex issues. Limiting young people's access to books does not protect them from life's complex and challenging topics, there's importance in allowing individuals and their own parents to make the decision about what they can read without others making that decision for them. 

Librarians and teachers already take great care to ensure that the books present in libraries are appropriate for the students that they have.”


As the push for book banning becomes more intense throughout the country, people are beginning to push back against this form of censorship.


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