Getting up and motivated on a Monday could be the hardest thing to do in the history of life. I'll do everything I can to make it easier on you by giving you a little push. You just have to do one thing.

Every Monday (I have an alert set), I'll send you a little motivation. It's all about that #MotivationMonday. It works.

For a while I've been receiving alerts with positive messages and inspirational words and it completely changes my outlook. I thought it was all fluff and didn't want it to "bug" me every day but it's doing the opposite. If nothing else, it just brings me to a place of appreciation or makes me a little more fierce. Either way, I'm better off for it.

Why not give that to you?

Download the "kiss boise" app and turn on the Cruise & Box alerts. I'll send you motivation every Monday. It's that simple. Nothing more.

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