What's your favorite holiday treat? Eggnog? Fruit cake? Sugar Cookies? You'll never believe how long it would take you to burn off the calories!

When it comes to Christmas Cookies, I have little to no self control over how many of them I eat.  On Christmas Day at my dad's house, there's just so many of them sitting on the kitchen table that I don't even think when I grab one each time I pass through the room.  My only salvation? I'm training for the Lake Lowell marathon this spring, so I know it's only a matter of time until I run off those cookies.

The real question? How long will I be running before I "earn" those Christmas cookies? According to PopSugar, here's how long it takes to run off some of your holiday treats.

  • Fruit cake: 46 minutes
  • Apple pie: 42 minutes
  • Eggnog: 35 minutes
  • Gingerbread Man Cookie: 21 minutes
  • Hot Cocoa: 20 Minutes + 2 minutes for every jumbo marshmallow
  • Sugar Cookie without frosting: 12 minutes (also, who eats Sugar Cookies without frosting?! Heathens!)
  • Fudge: 9 minutes

Before you get completely bummed out by seeing those numbers, I've got some good news! Unless you're a world class athlete, you'd be on the course at the YMCA Christmas Run for longer than 46 minutes if you choose the 6 mile race!

Lip Sync for a FREE Entry

Image via Treasure Valley YMCA
Image via Treasure Valley YMCA

The Treasure Valley Y is celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas Run and is giving away free entries all week on Facebook! There's a different challenge each day and today's challenge is a "Lip Sync Contest!" Here's how to get yourself in the game!

  • On your Facebook Page, share a video (at least 20 seconds long) of yourself lip synching to your favorite Christmas Song from LITE-FM! Make sure the post is set to PUBLIC so we can find it!
  • When you're posting the video include the following post: "“Hey! I want to run off all my Christmas cookies at the YMCA Christmas Run! Help me win an entry by liking my lip-sync video! Most likes gets into the race for free!” You must tag the 107.9 LITE-FM and Treasure Valley YMCA Facebook pages as well.
  • Get your friends to like the video! The contestant with the most likes by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 17th will win a FREE entry into the race!

Good luck and get creative! I were still in town for the race this year, I would've put together a killer video of NSYNC's "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!"

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