He's got a little bit of a crazy face that never stops smiling-- and he'll be the first to admit it to you! Comedian Ryan Hamilton is one of the biggest names in the comedy world right now--odds are, you've at least seen that face!

I love comedy shows and I don't go to nearly enough. Throwback to last summer when The Western Idaho Fair had Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias on one of their major event nights at the grandstand of Expo Idaho. It has been YEARS since I've seen a crowd that wild at The Western Idaho Fair. I knew Fluffy was popular (even my sweet little grandma in her eighties knows who he is), but I had no idea that the Treasure Valley would go that wild for him!  I've been luck enough to see some other major names here as well, like Jerry Seinfeld and George Lopez.  Watching comedy on Netflix though? Lots of my friends do but it just hasn't ever been my cup of tea.

Until I checked out Ryan Hamilton...

There's something wildly entertaining to me about well done 'every day' and self-deprecating humor. Ryan Hamilton hits it out of the park every single time...and he's going to be on a stage right here in the Treasure Valley at the end of September! I'm sure you've seen his fave on Netflix before and it isn't often we get comedians this large in town!

Catch Hamilton at the Caldwell Fine Arts Center (Jewett Auditorium on the campus of the College of Idaho) on Friday, September 27th! I've included a sample of his comedy up above, but grab your tickets before this show sells out-- they start at $15 for adults and $8 for kids!

For tickets and more info, click HERE.

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