Just a couple of weeks after Ammon Bundy caused a scene at a high school football game, Caldwell School District has announced a unanimous vote to ban him from school district property.

You may recall that we shared with you the story of Bundy refusing to leave a football game after being asked to by school officials and law enforcement for not wearing a mask. Obviously, masks were required for attendance at the game. Even national news outlets picked up this story--and the way that unfortunately, it ended: a canceled game at half time.

Last week, there were rumors that Bundy would be making an appearance at another Caldwell High School football game--this was never verified as Caldwell was forced to forfeit due to academic ineligibility.

Now, in an effort to avoid any more issues with Ammon Bundy, the Caldwell School District has unanimously voted to ban him from school grounds.

I truly believe that high schools, football games, and community events like this just aren't the time or place for protests.  I said on the air last week, when I was in high school, I was worried about girls and acne. Masks shouldn't be what our high school football players, fellow student fans, and respective families are stressing about.

How do you feel about the ban of Ammon Bundy? Do you think it will actually keep him away or will it provoke him to make an appearance even more so, now?


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