Who is...

On the Cover of Spotify’s BIGGEST Pop Playlist ‘Today’s Top Hits’

Has 2 songs on said Playlist ‘My Oh My’ & ‘Liar

NUMBER ONE song on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’

Banner on iTunes

Has a #1 Album in 31 countries

On Ellen today

On Fallon last night

Appearing in L’Oreal commercials non-stop

And on LA’s Jingle Ball tonight…


From time to time on the air I joke about how Camila told me that if her and Shawn ever broke up, she and I could talk. The truth of the matter is that I can't help but to be impressed by her success. Think about this for minute, Camila and all the other girls is Fifth Harmony basically had the same amount of exposure and success yet her career has skyrockets since she left the group. Is it talent? Is it drive? Is it hardwork? Is it the right  people around her? It's probably a little of everything but whats for sure is that she is impressive. Oh and by the way she dropped a new album today. Here is the track list to the much anticipated "Romance" album.

1. "Shameless"
2. "Living Proof"
3. "Should've Said It"
4. "My Oh My" feat. DaBaby
5. "Señorita" feat. Shawn Mendes
6. "Liar"
7. "Bad Kind of Butterflies"
8. "Easy"
9. "Feel It Twice"
10. "Dream of You"
11. "Cry for Me"
12, "This Love"
13. "Used to This"
14. "First Man"


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