Consistent with how the rest of this year has gone so far--more changes have come down with Central District Health and local school districts that fall under its jurisdiction.

While each school district will be making their own plans on how to handle this, the Board of Health at CDH has decided that schools ARE increasing community spread.

Per usual, local journalists were live tweeting updates as the Central District Health meeting continued on through the evening. You can see some highlights of what the Board of Health was discussing and seeing, below:

With bars and nightlife back in downtown Boise, many are asking why THIS wouldn't be rolled back along with schools.  When schools were brought down out of the red zone earlier this year- bars were tied to that dial back and they re-opened together. According to meeting notes from the CDH today, this was raised as a question and the Board of Health shared that at this time, no major clusters of infection have been tied to bars, so reversing that is not up for discussion right now. 

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