Grab your dusty boots and cowboy hats, and get ready to drink some ice cold beer…

Because it is officially rodeo season in Idaho, and it’s always a wild good time.



Why do Idahoans love rodeos so much?

There’s delicious food, cold drinks, retail vendors, fireworks, competitive bull-riding and fun events for the entire family – just to name a few.

Plus, there’s usually after-parties, such as dances, concerts and attending your favorite local country bars.


Some of these rodeos have been around for over a hundred years, such as the Snake River Stampede.

It started out as just a small outdoor event in little old Idaho, but has since grown into one of the most competitive and impressive rodeos in the United States.

And some of these rodeos are brand new to the Treasure Valley – like the Kuna Rodeo, which will be having its debut in September.

However, all of them are sure to be an incredible time. 


But we will warn you: you’ll want to move fast!

Each year, without fail, many locals completely forget about the rodeos until the week they’re happening, and then the tickets are already sold out.

*It's us. We're "locals."

So don’t make our same mistake… 

Map out the dates you’re wanting to attend, and buy your tickets sooner rather than later.

Check Out Idaho's Best Rodeos Near You & Grab Your Tickets Today!

These rodeos are coming to the Treasure Valley this summer, and they're bound to be a rowdy good time.

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