Pictured above is probably the best Halloween I've ever had. I dressed up as the Dayman from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hundreds of you came out to party and well...that's all we need to try and remember, right?

I'm not sure if it's the memories or the lack thereof that makes seeing China Blue as we know it go away so sad, but it's done for good: at least according to their Facebook page.

If you've been downtown Boise on the weekends at all over the past few months you've probably noticed 6th & Main is a lot more quiet these days. Well, for some time, China Blue has been closed due to some structural issues and big plans for a remodel. With the facility being a historic building, the City of Boise has remained VERY involved and it's been a long, drawn out process.  Finally, pieces are coming together and work is underway to remodel the interior of the club we've stumbled out of, admittedly, one too many times.

Here's what we know: nobody will be taking a shot, drink or even a sip of liquor in China Blue ever again. It's done for.

No, the building isn't being torn down, sold, or any of those crazy rumors I've heard around town. Owner, Ted Challenger, just has a bigger image of what this place can (and will), be.  As he notes in a video posted today: Don't fear change. Boise is changing and so is it's dance scene.  And isn't that the truth.  Now, I guess we wait and see what comes next.

See the video for yourself, below:

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