None of us have to tell you what a year we have had over the past 12-months. For most, it has been a complete nightmare. Thousands of jobs have been lost, relationships have been strained, businesses have been forced to close, and simply put: society as we know it has and continues to evolve further and further away from what we know as "normal". A lot of the work that I do outside of our radio station revolves around nightlife and I'm lucky to call a lot of folks that work in that world, good friends. In my opinion, these 1099 'gig workers' in the food and beverage industry: DJ's, bartenders, waiters, and so on, have arguably been hit the very hardest.

No matter what line of work you're in, however, odds are that this pandemic has made some sort of inconvenience in your life. Just this week, the City of Boise announced that for those struggling, there will now be an Emergency Rental Assistance Program designed to help residents that are having a hard time paying rent or utilities because of this pandemic. Fund will be used from the $11.5 million in grant funding that came in via the United States Department of Treasury.

If you are interested in viewing the one-sheet that outlines eligibility requirements to receive help from the City of Boise, click HERE.

Essentially, outside of needing to be an Ada County resident, you will need to have income that does NOT exceed 80% of the 'Area Median Income'. For a single person, that is $41,000.  For a household of two, that is $47,900.  This goes all the way up to households of 8.


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