Just a few weeks ago, I found a notice on the front door to my apartment that said my landlord would be entering my home in a couple of days to check for safety measures. I was totally confused by this thinking--what could possibly be dangerous in my house? I don't cook, so no oven is going to be left on and I certainly don't have any sort of broken locks or windows? The next day as I was getting ready for work, a maintenance worker let himself in and it all made sense.  The guy checked my smoke detectors and installed a fancy carbon monoxide detector right next to my furnace and water heater. I appreciated the upgrade until they let me know the price of this thing would be tacked on to my rent...I digress.

Now that I'm getting used to seeing this carbon monoxide detector on my wall, I'm beginning to see warnings from officials here locally about the dangers of this gas, otherwise called "the silent killer". Maybe it was worth the fee added to my rent last month after all?

Carbon monoxide is far more prevalent as temperatures drop because it can be created by fires, wood burning stoves, gas heaters, and even in your garage if you're warming up your car. The gas is odorless and if it's present, even in dangerous capacities, you'll never know it's around you. Symptoms of exposure can sometimes be compared to having the flu.

If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, Boise Fire officials are saying it's a worthwhile investment and that each floor of your home should have one. Of course as always, if you have any sort of concern in your home, contact Boise Fire as they have equiptment that detects it immediately.


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