About a month ago, I let you know that not only was Valley County asking visitors to stay out--but their original plan was even extended at one point. With the size of Valley County and their small hospital facilities, it was important to officials to make sure those hospital beds were ready to go incase an influx of COVID-19 cases came to be. Now, as the State of Idaho navigates re-opening, Valley County is saying that while it WILL be a little different, they're opening up for business.

With just two confirmed cases of COVID-19 thus far, McCall and surrounding cities in the county are following along with the re-opening phases outlined by Governor Brad Little. While the county isn't asking visitors to stay out any longer, officials ARE asking everyone headed up to just be aware. Know what parks are open and which are closed. Know what social distancing guidelines are to be expected of you. Simply look out for one another and for those who actually reside in the county.

McCall is such a fun and popular place for those of us who have experienced it-- we're lucky to have a place like this. Here's to keeping each other safe, keeping ourselves healthy, and smily being socially aware.




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