Insert half-Mexican joke HERE...right?

Yes, I'm 50% Hispanic and yes...I didn't realize yesterday was National Burrito Day.  It seems everyone knew it was going on in the real world, though. Baja Fresh was offering a $5 burrito special if you showed a bar code from their social media posts.  Chipotle was giving away free burrito delivery through their app or via DoorDash. Del Taco was stacking it up with a free bean & cheese burrito with any other burrito purchase. Taco Johns, Taco Bell, and Qdoba all had specials... look, you get it just like I do now: EVERYONE WAS CELEBRATING BUT ME (and maybe even you)!

I love a burrito as much as anyone. When I was a kid, my grandma used to make homemade tortillas after school and I would STUFF them with the fixings..homemade Mexican rice, home-refried was a staple.  I can still think back and SMELL the way the house would.

No burrito is ever going to be as good as the ones I had as a kid--that's for sure. But if there's a chance to make up my missed National Burrito's today. Here's my problem: I just haven't been blown away by any burritos in town.

Where is YOUR go-to burrito spot in the Treasure Valley? I'm going on a burrito tour this weekend.


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