Congratulations Friends with Benefits! We will hook you up any time we can. There's WAY more to come, too. I mean, like, WAY MORE!

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I was looking for you at the show last night Ratatat winners!

  • Dan L.
  • Kelly S.
  • Alexia A.
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

This Wiz show is going to change lives, I'm convinced. Have a great time and take care of each other, dear Friends with Benefits. Yes, I'm calling you out.

  • Ashley H.
  • Joie H.
  • Randi M.
  • Ashley R.
  • Becca G.
  • Brandia G.
  • Crystal L.
  • Kayden B.
  • Kristy H.
  • Triston P.
  • Win W.
  • Janine S.
  • Kara K.
  • Michelle R.
  • Chad M.
  • Samantha P.
  • Casey Z.
  • Ian C.
  • Maria S.
  • Monica L.
  • Tori W.
  • Wendy R.
credit: Ethan Miller via Getty Images Entertainment

Let's move right along to a couple of you rollin' VIP all the way to Imagine Dragons! Congratulations to Kirsten and Valerie who will be MEETING Imagine Dragons at the Taco Bell Arena!

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Love to you all!